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Procedure Technician I

Procedure Technician I

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We’re a Little Different


Our mission is clear. We bring to life a healing ministry through our compassionate care and exceptional service.  


We don’t believe in jobs at Mercy, we believe in careers that match the unique gifts of unique individuals; careers that not only make the most of your skills and talents, but also your heart.


At Mercy, you’ll feel our supportive community every step of your day, especially the tough ones. We’re a team and love working that way. That team is expanding, and we currently have exceptional opportunities to help our communities grow.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

Safety/Risk Management

a. Demonstrates knowledge of and practices sound infection control techniques.
b. Assesses safety needs and provides a safe environment. Adheres to hospital-wide
safety regulations.
c. Performs equipment safety checks and reports faulty equipment, initiating repair.
d. Labels and properly secures patient's valuables.
e. Follows policy and procedure for completion of incident reports.
f. Complies with patient rights and regulations.
g. Respects at all times patient confidentiality and uses discretion when discussing
patient matters.
h. Follows Privacy / Confidentiality Policy
1. Keeps patients covered
2. Knocks before entering
3. Observe patient confidentiality
i. Complies with Infection Control Guidelines.
1. Compliance with universal precautions, wears gloves appropriately, wears safety glasses, and gowns
2.Proper disposal of sharps / biohazard materials
j.Creates a Safe Environment by adhering to safety goal programs and policies:
1. Utilization of Patient I.D. identifiers
2. Respects patient/guest’s personal property.
k. Adheres to hospital wide and specific department safety regulations
1. Fire and Tornado
2. Environmental Safety
l. Performs equipment safety checks.
m.Complies with patients rights/regulations.
1. Patient aware of procedure
2. Patient comfortable with process
3. Patient knowledge of Patient Rights

Coordination of Services:
a. Expedites instrument turnover to meet GI Lab demand
b. Communicates instrument status as needed.
c. Locates missing equipment for the department
d. Assists in the orientation of new personnel.
e. Acquires adequate supplies to perform daily care in all areas of the GI Lab.
f. Able to set up and break down equipment/rooms for procedures.
g. Prioritize appropriately and utilizes good judgment in use of time.
h. Participates in QI activities that ensure and enhance quality of patient care.
i. Is in constant communication with the Nurse Clinician, charge nurse, admitting staff and prep nurses with any patient issues
j. Assesses GI Lab schedule and prioritize work load accordingly
k. Is competent in the procedure of leak testing, washing of endoscopes and placing into the endoscope reprocessor.

Complex Aspects:
a. Functions as preceptor to orient coworkers to departmental policies/procedures
b. Functions as resource for others in the department
c. Trouble shoots instrument problems and decreases crisis intervention needs
d. Demonstrates flexibility in workload assignments
e. Plans equipment/supply needs for the next day. Assures that instruments needed
are available
f. Monitors staffing and assigns tasks that make efficient use of time and departmental
g. Assits in initiating breaks and lunches in a timely manner
h. Serves as a role model
i. Communicates in an effective manner with others
j. Communicates well with management
k. Monitors endoscope reprocessing room departmental logs including chemical testings, inventory and
repair logs
l. Assists with the cleaning and disinfecting of stretchers. Applies linen to clean
m. Provides patients and their families with explanation of care and psychological
support under the direction of the nurse.
n. Assists in keeping linen stocked in all areas.
o. Assists with room turnovers as needed. Removes soiled linens and restocks rooms
as needed.
p. Uses good judgment and maintains dignified manner in handling problems or
q. Assists in recovery as necessary
r. Orders/reorders supplies for the scope reprocessing room as needed

Primary Aspects:
a. Prepares/maintains endoscope reprocessing room cleaning solutions
b. Maintains appropriate supply levels for the endoscope reprocessing room
c. Able to properly clean all instruments and equipment in the department
d. Functions as a resource for other Procedure Techs.
e. Monitors for proper working of equipment/instruments
f. Communicates any mechanical or clinical equipment problems to Nurse Clinician or appropriate
personnel immediately
g. Properly packages and sends items needing sterilization
h. Accurately labels and assembles items
i. Answers the endoscope reproessing room's telephone appropriately, identifying him/herself without
j. Assists patients from the waiting room to the prep area. Assists the patient in
getting undressed and onto the stretcher. Assures patient safety by placing side rails up on stretcher.
k. . Observes changes or unusual occurrences in patient condition
and reports them immediately to appropriate personnel. Transports inpatients to and
from the nursing unit when necessary. Assists in bringing in family members to speak
with the physician post procedure. Assists outpatients in getting dressed and moving
to a wheelchair for discharge.
l. Cleans, disinfects and maintains endoscopes and other GI equipment. Properly
handles and stores endoscopes and accessories. Performs biological monitoring, entering
data in computer. Maintains and disinfects endoscopic reprocessing machines and other cleaning
equipment. Keeps the instrument room in a clean, neat manner.
m. Properly documents scopes repairs, machine cleaning,and equipment maintenance.
n. Demonstrates proper use of leakage tester, performing EKG's, pregnancy tests, and glucose monitoring.

a. Demonstrates an effective communication style.
b. Demonstrates ability to collaborate with inter and intra-disciplinary colleagues and community
c. Demonstrates evidence of seeking additional knowledge and skills appropriate to the practice setting by participating in educational programs and activities, conferences, workshops, interdisciplinary professional meetings, and self-directed learning.
d. Exercises discretion in giving and obtaining information.
e. Refers problems to appropriate individual.
f. Keep Nusre Clinician/manager informed of any issues, problems or situations requiring attention or follow up.
g. Recognizes the need to assist other staff members during the busy times throughout the day. Asks what needs to be done and readily volunteers.
h. Constant communication with physician and other team members regarding patients.

a. Demonstrates competence in initiating and maintaining use of routine equipment and procedures.
c. Performs technical skills relative to specific specialties
1. High definition endoscopic equipment
2. Understands applications and effectively uses hospital and department computer systems. Enters, saves,prints, and retrieves information as necessary.
d. Assists in evaluation of new products, equipment, policies, procedures and standards.
e. Documentation is factual, accurate, organized, complete, current, and confidential. Follows policies and procedures on documentation requirements which meet regulatory accreditation standards
f. Attends inservices and staff meetings regularly
g. Keeps current with infection control standards
h. Able to use all aspects of endoscope reprocessing room cleaning equipment
i. Functions as a "super-user" for the automatic endoscope reprocessors


Because you’re committed to excellence, you understand the importance of being properly prepared for your role at Mercy. That’s why you’ll bring to your role the right set of qualifications:


Education: High School Diploma or equivalent
Experience: Prior Tech I or equivalent position experience required.
Certifications: BLS certification required.
Other: Must be able to stand for long periods of time. Must be able to do heavy lifting. Must be able to function in a fast-paced environment. Able to multi-task, use time management skills, and function as a team player.
Preferred Experience: 1-2 years GI Procedure Tech experience preferred.


We’ll Support You at Work and Home


Our foundations are built on dignity and respect. Modern Healthcare Magazine named us as a “top 100 places to work.” We go out of our way to help people feel welcomed. We offer day-one comprehensive health, vision and dental coverage, PTO, and employer-matched retirement funds, even to part-time employees. We’re proud to provide tuition reimbursement to help you grow and learn new skills.


What Makes a Good Match for Mercy


Compassion and professionalism go hand-in-hand with us, along with exceptional quality care. Having a positive outlook and a strong sense of advocacy is in perfect step with our mission and vision. We’re also collaborative and are not afraid to do a little extra to deliver excellent care – that’s just part of our commitment. If that sounds like a fit for you as well, we encourage you to apply.

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