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  • Nursing Assistant/Advanced Nurse Technician, Flexpool

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    We’re a Little Different


    Our mission is clear. We bring to life a healing ministry through our compassionate care and exceptional service.  


    We don’t believe in jobs at Mercy, we believe in careers that match the unique gifts of unique individuals; careers that not only make the most of your skills and talents, but also your heart.


    At Mercy, you’ll feel our supportive community every step of your day, especially the tough ones. We’re a team and love working that way. That team is expanding, and we currently have exceptional opportunities to help our communities grow.

    Responsibilities and Qualifications

    Has knowledge and understanding of daily assignments and unit activities.
    1.1 Takes assignment from charge nurse.
    1.2 Answers patients' call lights in a timely manner and responds appropriately or reports to the nurse.
    1.3 Communicates with licensed nurse concerning patient needs.
    1.4 Organizes and prioritizes patient care.
    1.5 Assists the nurse with the admission and discharge process.

    Performs routine tasks and simple treatments under the direction of a registered nurse.
    2.1 Takes and records temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure on all assigned patients as ordered. Reports vital signs to the nurse.
    2.2 Obtains weights on patients as ordered.
    2.3 Performs basic diagnostic testing to include: glucose monitoring, applying and removing telemetry, and venus doppler.
    2.4 Obtains sterile specimen collection of urine from indwelling/straight catheterization, of sputum and of wounds. Performs venipuncture to obtain blood specimen collection.
    2.5 Performs wound care to include applying sterile dressings except central line dressings. Suture and Staple removal.
    2.6 Creates a sterile gloves, dons sterile gown, and opens sterile packages.
    2.7 Airway management: Oral Suctioning. Instruct and encourage incentive spirometry.
    2.8 Performs indwelling/straight catheterizations and discontinues indwelling catheters. Records output on the graphic.
    2.9 Skin care and application of colostomy and ileostomy pouches.
    2.10 Administers enteral feeding through established nasogastric and gastrostomy tubes.
    2.11 Insertion and removal of nasogastric tubes for gastric suctioning only. Must be done with direct observation of the licensed nurse.
    2.12 Reapply and monitor limb and safety belt restraints. And documents in the medical record.
    2.13 Manages equipment specific to the nursing unit including: intermittent pneumatic compression devices, ice packs, heating pads, humidifiers, CPMs, etc. . . excluding equipment related to medication administration.
    2.14 IV insertion and care to site, to exclude central lines. Must be done with direct observation of the licensed nurse. Done in compliance with MHC policy and procedure.
    2.15 Reports completion of tasks listed above to the licensed nurse

    Provides personal hygiene and comfort measures to patients as directed.
    3.1 Provides complete/partial baths or showers, including oral hygiene.
    3.2 Performs nonmedicated enemas and fecal impaction removal.
    3.3 Assists with bedpan/urinal, bedside commode, or to the bathroom.
    3.4 Documents hygiene and comfort measures on graphic record.

    Assists in activity.
    4.1 Maintains proper body alignment and range of motion every two hours and documenting on flow sheet.
    4.2 Assists patient to chair or ambulates as ordered.
    4.3 Turns and encourages deep breathing and coughing every two hours.
    4.4 Document actvity on the graphic record.

    Assists in the maintence of adequate nutrition.
    5.1 Correctly follows the patients prescribed diet to include supplements/snacks.
    5.2 Assists patient with meals, feeding as indicated.
    5.3 Provides fresh ice water minimally once per shift.
    5.4 Documents type of diet and percentage of food eaten on the graphic record.

    Demonstrates effective and accurate verbal, and written communication.
    6.1 Promptly reports all signs and symptoms indicating any changes in the patient's condition to appropriate nurse immediately.
    6.2 Documentation of care and other pertinent data is completed according to organizational policies and procedures.
    6.3 Communication is timely, accurate, concise, complete and appropriate.
    6.4 Creates a positive climate for communications following the Mercy Service Standards.
    6.5 Reports off to charge nurse before leaving assigned area.

    Maintains a clean and safe environment for patient and self by:
    7.1 Emptying and properly bagging linen and trash and storing it according to hospital policy.
    7.2 Cleaning bedside and over bed tables and straightening/changin bed linen.
    7.3 Removing unnecessary equipment from room.
    7.4 Uses proper hand washing techniques and uses standard precautions at all times.
    7.5 Following universal precautions and isolation procedures.
    7.6 Keeps bed at low position, call light within patient's reach, and alerts patient and staff to fall risk.

    Demonstrates knowledge of the age related needs and behaviors of patients in an acute hospital setting.
    8.1 Demonstrates ability to provide care based upon physical, psycho/social, cultural, safety, and other age related factors for the adult or geriatric patient.
    8.2 Demonstrates knowledge of the changes associated with aging in the geriatric patient.

    8.3 Demonstrates the ability to obtain and interpret information in terms of the adult geriatric patient.
    Promotes professional and organizational development by completing the following:
    9.1 Attends mandatory in-services and/or completes mandatory lap packets.
    9.2 Maintains current CPR certification.
    9.3 Assists with orientation of new coworkers and students.
    9.4 Attends 75% of the unit's staff meetings
    9.5 Maintains annual point of care testing for glucose monitoring.

    Provides unit support activities as necessary.
    10.1 Maintains a clean, neat and safe environment in the Nurse's Station and the Galley.
    10.2 Performs clerical duties as assigned by nurse. Answers phone in a timely manner and uses professional telephone etiquette.
    10.3 Ensures that charges are accurate, utilizing the charge stickers appropriately.
    10.4 Transports medications and supplies to and from Nursing Station, Unit Secretary Desk, and clean and dirty holding areas.


    Because you’re committed to excellence, you understand the importance of being properly prepared for your role at Mercy. That’s why you’ll bring to your role the right set of qualifications:


     For Nursing Assistant:

    • Must have high school diploma or GED
    • BLS must be current before assigned to care for patients independently
    • Must be familiar with procedure involved in patient tasks. Completes orientation through Education Resources before beginning on the nursing unit

    For Advanced Nurse Tech:

    • Must be currently enrolled in an accredited RN educational program or has completed a program of registered nursing and has applied for NCLEX examination. May stay in this role until licensed provided that the first licensure examintion is taken within 90 days after graduation and the examination is passed within 6 months of graduation, on either the first or the second attempt.
    • Must have completed two semesters in an accredited school of nursing. Must have been deemed competent by an instructor to perform learned skills and tasks allowed by the OBN and as set forth in this job description. Must complete Mercy skills checklist as required. Complete orientation checklist with preceptor. Must be fully aware of what skills/tasks can and cannot be performed according to the documented competency level and be able to articulate this to the nursing staff. Completes Nursing Assistant orientation and hospital orientation.

    • Current BLS certification required before assigned to care for patients independently.  Must be familiar with procedures involved in patient tasks.


    We’ll Support You at Work and Home


    Our foundations are built on dignity and respect. Modern Healthcare Magazine named us as a “top 100 places to work.” We go out of our way to help people feel welcomed. We offer day-one comprehensive health, vision and dental coverage, PTO, and employer-matched retirement funds, even to part-time employees. We’re proud to provide tuition reimbursement to help you grow and learn new skills.


    What Makes a Good Match for Mercy


    Compassion and professionalism go hand-in-hand with us, along with exceptional quality care. Having a positive outlook and a strong sense of advocacy is in perfect step with our mission and vision. We’re also collaborative and are not afraid to do a little extra to deliver excellent care – that’s just part of our commitment. If that sounds like a fit for you as well, we encourage you to apply.


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