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    We’re a Little Different


    Our mission is clear. We bring to life a healing ministry through our compassionate care and exceptional service.  


    We don’t believe in jobs at Mercy, we believe in careers that match the unique gifts of unique individuals; careers that not only make the most of your skills and talents, but also your heart.


    At Mercy, you’ll feel our supportive community every step of your day, especially the tough ones. We’re a team and love working that way. That team is expanding, and we currently have exceptional opportunities to help our communities grow.


    Responsibilities and Qualifications

    Contributes data to be used in assessment of patient/situation.

    1.1 Receive and escorts patient to the exam room within 15 minutes of appointment time.
    1.2 Documents at least the following information, for each visit, in the patient's electronic medical record: date, patient's or family member's statement of the reason for the visit; height, weight, and vital signs according to age specific and health maintenance criteria; known drug allergies.
    1.3 Initiates a visit summary for each patient of all significant diagnoses and conditions, significant operative and invasive procedures, adverse and allergic drug reactions; and medications, including current prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs.
    1.4 Identifies possible victims of abuse or neglect such as physical assault, rape or other sexual molestation, domestic abuse, and abuse of elders and children.
    1.5 Demonstrates respect for each patient's rights, such as: confidentiality, privacy, security communication, resolution of complaints and respect for patient's cultural, psycho/social, spiritual and personal values.
    1.6 Scans lab work into medical record within 4 hours of lab work completion.
    1.7 To ensure continuity of care between organizations and providers, appropriate patient information is communicated within 5 working days whenever patients are referred for consultation or treatment. Immediate communication is required to safeguard life, limb, or eye sight.
    1.8 Documentations of freezer and refrigerator logs are recorded daily and oxygen tanks weekly.
    1.9 Helps maintain proper inventory levels by restocking, logging in supplies as they arrive, refrigerating as needed, rotating and dating stock appropriately, and ordering or notifying appropriate personnel when supplies need to be ordered.
    Maintains a clean and safe environment.

    2.1 Bags and stores waste and soiled linen according to proper OSHA and infection control guidelines, wearing protective gloves 100% of the time.
    2.2 After each patient, replaces exam table paper, sanitizes patient care area for infection control purposes.
    2.3 Adheres to OSHA guidelines in the daily wearing of appropriate personal protective equipment.
    2.4 Separates red bag waste from others in compliance with OSHA standards and infection control guidelines.
    2.5 Demonstrates knowledge of fire evacuation routes, severe weather protocols, safe medical device act and material safety data sheets.
    2.6 Demonstrates knowledge of basic infection control principles, universal precautions, blood-borne pathogens andpersonal protective equipment, and sterile technique.
    2.7 Manages patients with infectious, communicable or contagious disease to prevent or reduce the risk of nosocomial infections in patients, employees, and visitors.
    2.8 Reports infections, when appropriate, within the organization or to public health agencies.
    2.9 Collects and handles specimens according to OSHA standards communicating appropriate procedures to patients. Assures specimen is labeled with the patient's name, date, and time of collection and initialed by employee.
    Performs technical services according to appropriate protocols and procedures.

    3.1 Administers medications prescribed to appropriate patients and documents every dose of medication administered, including the strength, dose or rate of administration, administration devices used, access site or route, adverse drug reactions and patient's response to medication.
    3.2 Follows established procedues for distributing and administering controlled medications, including adequate documentation and record keeping required by law.
    3.3 Assures emergency medications are available, controlled, secure and inspected as necessary to prevent dispensing out-of-date medications.
    3.4 Is competent to manage clinic specific procedures or equipment, such as: audiometer, spirometer for PF screen, autoclave, EKG machine, pulse oxymeter, Snelling/color vision charts, cryotherapy, eye/ear irrigations and PAP tests.
    3.5 Provides follow-up instructions to the patient or family member as directed by the physician within 30 minutes of approval.
    3.6 Responds to patient inquiries regarding the need for care within 4 hours of incoming call. Communicates information to the physician and adheres to acceptable protocols for patient care per physician.
    3.7 Phones and faxes in provider approved prescription refills by the end of the working day.
    3.8 With 100% accuracy, loose documentation, prescription refills, and other miscellaneous needs are scanned into the patient's electronic chart within 24 hours.
    3.9 Communicates test results to patients within 24 hours of receipt, adhering to protocols for patient care per physician.
    3.10 Assures sample medications are secure and are not out of date.
    3.11 Scan patient documentation into patient's electronic chart with 100% accuracy.

    Participates in organizational and professional activities.

    4.1 Participates in 95% of staff meetings.
    4.2 Participates in PI activities such as studying a process, collecting data, implementing change or evaluating the results.
    4.3 Maintains current RN/LPN license for the State of Oklahoma and is BLS certified.
    4.4 Accurately completes clocking transactions with no more than 2 errors in any one pay period.
    4.5 Completes skills inventory check list -- age specific.
    4.6 Maintaining the Mercy standards and values and providing exceptional care to patients and patient satisfaction. Maintaining clinic patient satisfaction score goals and/or exceeding patient satisfaction goals.

    Demontrates knowledge of special needs and behaviors of specific age groups to include neonatal, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric.

    5.1 Demonstrates knowledge of the changes associated with aging.
    5.2 Demonstrates ability to provide care based upon physical, psycho/social, cultural, safety and other age-related factors.
    5.3 Demonstrates the ability to obtain and interpret information in terms of the patient needs.

    Follows appropriate Mercy Physicians of Oklahoma (MPO) policies.
    6.1 Follows appropriate MPO attendance policies.
    6.2 Follows appropriate MPO dress code policies.
    6.3 Follows all other MPO policies and procedures.

    Other duties as assigned.


    Because you’re committed to excellence, you understand the importance of being properly prepared for your role at Mercy. That’s why you’ll bring to your role the right set of qualifications:

    Education: Graduate of an accredited school of nursing
    Licensure: Must possess LPN or RN licensure.
    Other: Mercy values and patient care orientation necessary.
    Preferred Experience: Medical office experience preferred.


    We’ll Support You at Work and Home


    Our foundations are built on dignity and respect. Modern Healthcare Magazine named us as a “top 100 places to work.” We go out of our way to help people feel welcomed. We offer day-one comprehensive health, vision and dental coverage, PTO, and employer-matched retirement funds, even to part-time employees. We’re proud to provide tuition reimbursement to help you grow and learn new skills.


    What Makes a Good Match for Mercy


    Compassion and professionalism go hand-in-hand with us, along with exceptional quality care. Having a positive outlook and a strong sense of advocacy is in perfect step with our mission and vision. We’re also collaborative and are not afraid to do a little extra to deliver excellent care – that’s just part of our commitment. If that sounds like a fit for you as well, we encourage you to apply.




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