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    We’re a Little Different


    Our mission is clear. We bring to life a healing ministry through our compassionate care and exceptional service.  


    We don’t believe in jobs at Mercy, we believe in careers that match the unique gifts of unique individuals; careers that not only make the most of your skills and talents, but also your heart.


    At Mercy, you’ll feel our supportive community every step of your day, especially the tough ones. We’re a team and love working that way. That team is expanding, and we currently have exceptional opportunities to help our communities grow.


    Responsibilities and Qualifications

    Performs respiratory therapy treatments and procedures including floor therapy, oxygen and humidity administration, ventilator care, electrocardiograph, holter monitors, cardiac stress testing, pulmonary function testing, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Works in all areas of the hospital as directed by the respiratory manager. Able to evaluate patient response to therapy and disease process. Able to evaluate patients critical needs. Assisting with providing on going training/competencies for nursing services.


    Patient Care Process - Assessment/ Planning/ Implement/Evaluation. Performs assessment/data collection in an on going and systematic manner, focusing on physiologic, psychological and cognitive status of the patient. Formulates or follows a goal of directed plan of care which is prioritized and based on medical or nursing diagnosis and patient outcomes. Implements care in a knowledgeable, skillful, consistent and continuous manner by adherence to pre-determined standards which define the structure, process and desired patient outcomes. Evaluates effectiveness of health care given by all health care team members, contribution of systems, environment and instrumentation in progressing patients toward goal.

    Set up and monitor Bi - Level or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). Set up and Provide Mechanical Ventilation Management. Provide Manual Ventilation.

    Providing Ventilator Weaning parameters such as: Force Vital Capacity, Slow Vital Capacity, Spontaneous Respiratory Rate, Spontaneous Tidal Volume, Spontaneous Minute Volume, Negative Inspiratory Force

    Provide End-Tidal CO2 monitoring

    Obtains Arterial Blood Gas sample.

    Provides therapeutic care care airway maintenance, aerosolized medication administration and medical gas therapy.
    Suction Nasopharyngeal
    Suction Oropharyngeal
    Perform Aerosolized treatments
    Perform Incentive Spirometry
    Perform Chest Physio Therapy
    Provide Meter Dose Inhaler therapy
    Provide Sputum Induction when necessary
    Provide pulse oximetry on a spot check basis
    Provide pulse oximetry on a continuous basis
    Perform Exercise Oximetry
    Perform Wright Peak Flow
    Administer Spirometry Testing
    Administer Lung Volume determination testing
    Determine Diffusion Capacity through DLCO testing
    Determine and Record Breath Sounds
    Perform Electrocardiograms
    Perform Holter Monitoring
    Perform Cardiac Stress Testing
    Assess Blood Pressure while walking on Treadmill
    Provide oxygen therapy via nasal cannula
    Provide oxygen therapy via Non-rebreather mask
    Provide oxygen therapy via partial re-breather mask
    Provide oxygen therapy via venturi mask
    Provide humidity with oxygen therapy
    Provide continuous aerosol therapy

    Demonstrates knowledge of budget classifications, how to access and prudently use supplies and linkage of proper documentation for reimbursement.

    Notify supervisor of supplies / equipment needed.
    Recognize need for new / different supplies

    Demonstrates competency in selected psychomotor skills

    Assemble respiratory equipment
    Provides cleaning of respiratory equipment
    Utilize oxygen analyzers

    Identifies patient, family, significant other’s learning needs and implements appropriate measures to meet these.

    Instruct and document Aerosol therapy
    Instruct and document Volume Expansion therapy
    Instruct and document Secretion movement therapy
    Instruct for all procedures prior to initiation

    Demonstrates awareness and sensitivity to patient, family and or significant other’s rights in legal issues for all aspects of patient care

    Stays current with patients CODE status
    Accepts patient / family refusal of therapy

    Manages situations in a reduced - risk manner and performs efficiently in emergency patient situations following effective protocols / procedures.

    Maintains a current BLS certification
    Maintains a current ACLS certification
    Stays current with Code Blue procedures
    Stays current with all Disaster Plan procedures.
    Reviews departmental MSDS sheets
    Follows St. John’s Hospital infection control standards
    Follows St. John’s Hospital / OSHA standards
    Follows St. John’s Hospital drug and alcohol policy

    Demonstrates knowledge of appropriate standards (policies, protocols, procedures) and practices in a manner that demonstrates adequate baseline knowledge.

    Annually completes the MBRC required CEU’s
    Completes the up-date center annually
    Attends in services on updates on new procedures or equipment
    Follows medication labeling , dating procedures
    Reviews memos in department information center

    Demonstrates an awareness of responsibility and accountability for own practice

    Records the necessary patient therapy information
    Complete the appropriate departmental paperwork
    Notify the supervisor of need for more exposure in diagnostic areas to maintain proficiency
    Notify the supervisor of need for more exposure time in ABG area to maintain proficiency
    Document all necessary information on ABG paperwork
    Maintain an accurate in service and or CEU record
    Responsible use of supplies and equipment
    Follows St. John’s Hospital policies, rules and regulations
    Complies with the requests of their supervisor

    Participates actively in staff development activities for department, MBRC and hospital

    Stays current with therapy modalities
    Participates in clinical instruction with respiratory students

    Receives delegated tasks, duties and demonstrates appropriate delegation for patient care and departmental activities using appropriate organizational and or priority setting skills.

    Coordinates job role with other departments to best meet patient needs
    Arranges daily work assignment to complete assigned and additional tasks

    Demonstrates effective communication methods and skills using lines of authority appropriately

    Notifies nursing and physician of abnormal test results
    Record therapy procedures accurately and completely immediately following therapy
    Documents orders on charts, accurately and completely
    Documents verbal orders correctly
    Communicates with other departments staff to relay important patient information
    Provides a comprehensive shift report

    Attendance is reliable; participates in staff duties as identified in department standards; maintains a flexible approach to staffing conflicts.

    Request changes in duty schedule appropriately
    Utilizes time clock correctly
    Arrives for duty on time
    Reports illness/absences to supervisor in accordance with St. John’s Hospital policies

    Identifies problems, uses rationale appropriately for the situation to act on the problem. Communicates problems and or decisions appropriately.

    Assess patient clinical status
    Relates results to patients clinical status
    Recognizes critical situations and acts appropriately
    Able to trouble shoot respiratory equipment

    Maintains an organized and tidy environment to promote safety , infection control and customer relation standards

    Maintains a clean work area
    Dispose of infectious materials properly
    Removes used items from patient area after completion
    Returns equipment to the appropriate area
    Returns medications to the appropriate area

    Wears proper personal protective equipment when appropriate. Observes universal
    precautions consistently. Wears clothing and Health System badge consistent with
    dress code, and attends to personal hygiene to maintain a clean, well-groomed
    appearance. Meets Health System attendance standards. Performs related duties as



    We’re all unique pieces of a puzzle at Mercy, connected together to create a beautiful picture of health. And being the perfect fit for your role requires a specific set of qualifications that you’ll bring with you:

    Education: Graduate of an American Medical Association approved Registry Program.
    Licensure: Must be duly licensed by the Missouri Board for Respiratory Care (MBRC)
    Certifications: Registered by the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) BLS, ACLS. BLS, ACLS Certification required within 90 days of hire.
    Other: A thorough knowledge of respiratory care treatment modalities, indications, contraindications and hazards. An understanding of ventilator management including the basis of pulmonary diseases, cardiopulmonary anatomy and physiology, pulmonary pharmacology, diagnostic testing of spirometry, lung diffusion, lung volumes, arterial blood gases, electrocardiographs, holter monitoring, cardiac stress testing and pulse oximetry studies. Makes recommendations to attending physicians regarding treatments, pain control management, and care of the respiratory patient. Must exhibit good communication skills both written and verbal with co-workers, patients and visitors.
    Preferred Certifications: Additional Certifications to be desired include: CPFT, RPFT, RPSGT, RRT-SDS, CRT-SDS, CCT, AE-C, CRT-NPS, RRT-NPS, NRP, PALS, EMT,
    Preferred Other: Additional skills to be desired include: set-up and calibration of polysomnography equipment, the ability to perform polysomnographic testing to include diagnostic, therapeutic, split-night, MSLT and MWT tests.



    We’ll Support You at Work and Home


    Our foundations are built on dignity and respect. Modern Healthcare Magazine named us as a “top 100 places to work.” We go out of our way to help people feel welcomed.  We offer day-one comprehensive health, vision and dental coverage, PTO, tuition reimbursement and employer-matched retirement funds to benefit-eligible co-workers, including those working 48 hours or more per pay period!


    What Makes a Good Match for Mercy


    Compassion and professionalism go hand-in-hand with us, along with exceptional quality care. Having a positive outlook and a strong sense of advocacy is in perfect step with our mission and vision. We’re also collaborative and are not afraid to do a little extra to deliver excellent care – that’s just part of our commitment. If that sounds like a fit for you as well, we encourage you to apply.


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