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    We’re a Little Different


    Our mission is clear. We bring to life a healing ministry through our compassionate care and exceptional service.  


    We don’t believe in jobs at Mercy, we believe in careers that match the unique gifts of unique individuals; careers that not only make the most of your skills and talents, but also your heart.


    At Mercy, you’ll feel our supportive community every step of your day, especially the tough ones. We’re a team and love working that way. That team is expanding, and we currently have exceptional opportunities to help our communities grow.



    Responsibilities and Qualifications


    Has knowledge and understanding of daily assignments and unit activities.

    1. Takes assignments from charge nurse.
    2. Answers patients call lights in a timely manner to determine needs and responds
    appropriately by fulfilling needs within the scope of job description.
    Performs routine tasks and simple treatments under the direction of a licensed nurse.

    1. Assists with the admission, transfer, and discharge process.
    a. Takes and documents vital signs, height, and weight upon admission.
    b. Orients patient and family to environment.
    c. Assists with patient transfers/discharges, prepares patient, gathers patient
    belongings, and arranges for transportation from room.
    d. Maintains patients dignity while performing all patient care duties.
    2. Takes and records temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure on all
    assigned patients at the beginning of each shift. Takes and records vital signs more
    frequently as assigned.
    3. Obtains weights on patients as ordered.
    4. Performs finger stick blood sugars, records results in medical record.
    5. Empties wound suction/drainage devices as 0600, 1400, 2200 and prn; records
    amount in medical record.
    6. Provides heat lamps, applies and refills ice packs, refills K-pad units and humidifiers,
    and may measure for and apply TED hose. Sets up other equipment, i.e., CAPE, SCD
    machines, Bucks/pelvic/cervical traction, as appropriate to specific unit.
    7. Prepares and assists with Sitz baths as ordered and documents in medical record.
    8. Collects specimens, labels them correctly and delivers them to the Lab.
    9. Turns and encourages deep breathing and coughing by postoperative patients every
    two hours. Encourages use of incentive spirometry as needed.
    10. Turns bedfast patients every 1-2 hours, aligns patient correctly in bed and assists
    patients to chair or ambulate as ordered.
    11. Changes telemetry electrodes daily.
    12. Records simple teaching in medical record including but not limited to: TED hose,
    IS, Body Mechanics, equipment, etc.
    13. Reports any patient equipment alarms to appropriate licensed nurse immediately.
    Provides personal hygiene and comfort measures to patients as directed and
    documents in medical record.

    1. Provides complete/partial baths or showers, including oral hygiene.
    2. Provides fresh ice water at least once per shift.
    3. Provides hair care, nail care, and back rubs as needed.
    4. Documents hygiene and comfort measures in medical record.
    5. Assists with bedpan/urinal, bedside commode, or to the bathroom as needed.
    6. Performs catheter/perineal care or changes and cleans ostomy bags as needed.
    7. Administers enemas as directed.
    Assists in the maintenance of adequate nutrition and documents in medical record.

    1. Serves between meal supplements/snacks as ordered.
    2. Assists patients with meals, feeding if necessary.
    3. Documents type of diet and percentage of food eaten in the medical record.
    4. Correctly follows patients diets as ordered.
    Demonstrates effective and accurate verbal, and written communication.

    1. Promptly reports all signs and symptoms indicating any changes in the patients
    condition to the appropriate nurse immediately, for example:
    a. significant changes in vital signs.
    b. Abnormal finger stick blood sugars (less than 80 or greater than 120)
    c. Pulse oximeter reading of less than 92%
    d. Change in amount/color of output from catheters/drains.
    2. Reports to appropriate nurse any patient need/response to therapy (complaints of
    pain, response to surroundings, changes in alertness, unusual skin redness or tears,
    3. Reports of f to charge nurse before leaving assigned area.
    4. Documentation of care and other pertinent data is completed according to hospital
    policies and procedures.
    5. Communication is timely, accurate, concise, complete, and appropriate.
    Maintains a clean and safe environment for patient and self by:

    1. Emptying and properly bagging linen and trash and storing it according to hospital
    2. Cleaning bedside and over bed tables and straightening/changing bed linen prn.
    3. Removing unnecessary equipment from room.
    4. Cleaning and properly storing bedpans, urinals and bedside commodes.
    5. Uses proper hand washing techniques and uses standard precaution at all times
    6. Complies with isolation procedures.
    7. Keeps bed at low position, call light within patients reach, and alerts patient and staff
    to fall risk.
    Demonstrates age specific knowledge for the patient population of his/her unit.

    1. Completes unit age-specific competency program.
    2. Demonstrates ability to provide care based on patients as specific needs.
    3. Demonstrates ability to obtain and interpret information in terms of patient age
    specific needs.
    Promotes professional and organizational development by completing the following:

    1. Attends all mandatory inservices.
    2. Attending 50% of staff meetings or documentation that minutes have been read.
    3. Maintains current CRP certification.
    4. Participates in hospital committee, special projects, or service as requested.
    5. Adheres to all OSHA standards regarding appropriate safety regulations and
    6. Complies with all policies, procedures, and protocols with no documented violations.
    7. Accurately completed clock-in/out transactions.
    8. Opens medical record documentation by mid-shift and completes assigned task by
    end of shift.
    9. Functions as a team player.
    10. Accepts constructive criticism from supervisor.
    11. Abides by work rules.
    12. Maintains current Finger stick Blood Sugar competency.
    May occasionally be required to function in role of unit secretary with responsibilities as

    1. Receives in-coming calls and communications information to appropriate personnel
    and/or department.
    2. Delivers reports and items as received from other departments within 15 minutes of
    3. Has working knowledge and is a resource for staff personnel for use of computer
    system especially in Order Entry and Office Automation.
    4. Enters STAT/NOW orders in computer and notifies charge nurse/licensed staff
    within 5 minutes of request.
    5. Receives equipment and supplies delivered to the desk and alert appropriate
    personnel fo arrival.
    6. Maintains the confidentiality of patients, staff, hospital information (written, verbal or
    electronics sources).
    Maintains a demeanor that displays desire to accommodate needs and requests in all
    interactions with patients, processes requests and information in a pleasant and
    courteous manner assuring that questions are directed appropriately and family
    members are satisfied and needs met.

    1. Greets families at desk or receives from families inquiring about the status of
    patients, processes requests and information in a pleasant and courteous manner
    assuring that questions are directed appropriately and family members are satisfied
    and needs met.
    Responsible for utilizing the Institute of Medicine's "6 Quality Improvemnent Aims" as an organized approach to creating service excellence in care/services (Safe, Timely, efficient, Effective, Equitable, and Patient Centered).


    Because you’re committed to excellence, you understand the importance of being properly prepared for your role at Mercy. That’s why you’ll bring to your role the right set of qualifications:


    Education: Must have High School diploma or GED.
    Certifications: Current American Heart Association BLS Required to practice independently.


    We’ll Support You at Work and Home


    Our foundations are built on dignity and respect. Modern Healthcare Magazine named us as a “top 100 places to work.” We go out of our way to help people feel welcomed.  We offer day-one comprehensive health, vision and dental coverage, PTO, tuition reimbursement and employer-matched retirement funds to benefit-eligible co-workers, including those working 48 hours or more per pay period!


    What Makes a Good Match for Mercy


    Compassion and professionalism go hand-in-hand with us, along with exceptional quality care. Having a positive outlook and a strong sense of advocacy is in perfect step with our mission and vision. We’re also collaborative and are not afraid to do a little extra to deliver excellent care – that’s just part of our commitment. If that sounds like a fit for you as well, we encourage you to apply.


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